It’s always nice to get dressed up, and one of my favorite things to turn to is a Little Black Dress. I’m always on the look-out because I don’t think a girl can EVER have enough! (And We all know how I love to change it up ).There are so many different styles of the LBD,one to suit your every mood, for example, the Nasty Gal Slip Away Dress which is casually cool and soft or the Nasty Gal Alter Midi Dress, which is sleek chic and sexy.

The dress I am wearing today is a cotton stretch dress that has a thick waisted belt with a slight gold detail. It’s sleeveless and perfect for the hot summer months I was going for more of a classic look today which I do fancy once in awhile and to my surprise, It was quite the head-turner. I kept this dress simple because it was quite hot and I was going to be outdoors for a lot of the evening but to style this dress differently, I would easily replace the thick belt with a thinner and looser belt, add a floppy, casual hat and instead of a heel, wear flats.. and could even go as far as adding a floral Kimono which is really trending right now.

I hope you are all enjoy the spring as much as I am.

With Love,
Candy Dylan

Little black dress 6

Little black dress 5

Little black dress 4

Little black dress 3

Little black dress 2


The Over- all look !

I always have fun preparing and shooting these looks:) I have so much joy choosing the clothes and I love going through all the pictures and picking my favorites to share with you. I have so many great ideas to share in the future. Often times, I have these grand ideas that sometimes just don’t come out quite the way I had hoped.
I was really excited about today`s look from the start. I love finding different pieces and putting them together and choosing a perfect location so it all makes sense. It was a REALLY windy day so the balloons where all over the place ! I wasn’t sure how the pictures were going to turn out but the outcome was amazing. I am wearing one of the trendier pieces out right now, “The Overalls ” which are a skinny fit and destroyed (so unexpected of me ) I rolled up the bottoms to show off more of my heels and left one strap off the shoulder to show off my smiley face Tee. The colors of the location and the balloons really made it all come together to make the look really pop. Just another cool way to wear jeans !

With love,
Candy Dylan

Overall Balloon 17

Overall Balloon 12

Overall Balloon 11

Overall Balloon 10

Overall Balloon 3

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A Little Country

There is something so glorious about being out in the open surrounded by serene green trees sand roads and sounds of nothing but horses and birds chirping. Today, I had so much fun shooting for this post away from the traffic of the everyday hustle and bustle, and spending time in horse country where, I actually feel quite at home since that’s where I spent a great deal of my childhood. I’ve always had a connection to the country, although I cannot stay away from the city for too long, it is a great place for a quick getaway.
My outfit today is laid back. I’m wearing a knit crop top paired with favorite destroyed jeans and boots with matching belt to set the mood along with an assortment of brackets to finish the look.

With Love,
Candy Dylan

Crop top: Abercrombie and Fitch
Denim Jeans: Hollister
Brown tweed belt: Woolworth’s South Africa
Clutch: Henri Bendel
Boots: Jessica Simpson

crop top 5

crop top 9

crop top 11

crop top 12

crop top 24

crop top1

crop top3

Roll Em’ Up

I love the simplicity of just being able to get out of bed and put on a pair of jeans, roll them up and walk out the door. It seems a lot of us have fallen in love with this idea and even more so with the look it has created. Something so simple has been turned into something different and it’s really something I love most about fashion-  the freedom to be creative, try new things, explore ideas that could soon become a trend, that sweeps us up and allows us to share one piece that is transformed by each of us individually. Today’s look is “easy” – my favorite pair of old Hollister Jeans that have been destroyed overtime, a simple T-Shirt and sandal heels. There are millions of ways to style your rolled up jeans, with layering, adding a jacket or even with flats or boots.  In my next few posts, you will see different jean options to give you ideas on how to style denim.  So stay tuned !

With Love,
Candy Dylan








English Garden

Springy, beautiful, flowing and fun. I chose this dress for an outdoor lunch party and everyone loved it. The layered chiffon skirt over mini dress in gorgeous colored flowers reminded me of an English Garden. I paired it with lace up boots but a sexy sandal will work too.

With Love,
Candy Dylan

Dress: Felicity and Coco Knit Bodice Floral Maxi

Floral Maxi dress 1

Floral Maxi dress 2

Floral Maxi dress 3

Floral Maxi dress 4

Floral Maxi dress 5

Floral Maxi dress 6

Floral Maxi dress 7

Floral Maxi dress 8

The Turban

I’m so into this look right now. To think that the turban is a part of everyday fashion.. Although most people are familiar with the turban being most relatable to the Asian cultures it’s also a big part of the African culture. As inspired in the pictures below  three of which Karl Lagerfeld was Creative Director will be  featured in the March 2014 Harpers Bazaar Magazine UK. Not sure if these great pictures will make it over and onto our American pages.. I’m pretty sure you can pick up a copy at your local book store or you can also visit Harpers Bazaar http://www.harpersbazaar.co.uk/

With Love,
Candy Dylan

harpers-bazaar-uk-march-2014-15 tURBAN


Love is in the Air

In preparation for Valentines day, I went shopping at local stores in Palm Beach to see if I could find any cute things to help celebrate
Valentines Day in a fun way. Once again, I was drawn to the lace. I’m wearing a light floral skirt,a see-through floral lace top along with a lace bandeau in mint green to put me in the flirty romantic mood.

With Love,
Candy Dylan

Skirt: Lush Button Front Skater
Bandeau : Lush Mint Green Lace
Lace Top: Love on a Hanger Crop

skater skirt 2

skater skirt 3

skater skirt 4

skater skirt 5

Blue me away

Wow I have been wearing a lot of blue lately. In this post I am wearing a plain blue skirt with a patterned blue crop top which I paired with a dark tan shoe.I am all kinds of crazy for patterns and the crop top really compliments the skirt so wonderfully.This is definitely one of my favorite looks and I hope we’ll see a lot more of crop tops and patterns alike.I cant stress enough how fabulous it is to be looking classic and fresh which is exactly how I feel – I just blue myself away!

With Love,
Candy Dylan

Crop Top: Lush
Skirt: Lily White
Clutch: Urban Expressions

 blue skirt 1

 blue skirt 2

 blue skirt 3

blue skirt 4

Flirty Yellow

There is something so great about yellow. I feel so girly and flirty. I always get so many compliments in this dress which is always gratifying, isn’t it?. Sometimes we can all be spot on about an outfit we are wearing and know how fantastic it is and then there are other times when although you feel good, the thousand unexpected compliments that take you by surprise every time. It’s a fun feeling especially when you didn’t spend much time on it :)  Today was simple I’m wearing a short yellow dress with white mesh embroidered neck line paired with a scarf and sandals.

With Love,
Candy Dylan

Yellow Dress and Scarf: Forever21

yellow short 1  yellow short 2 yellow short 3 yellow short 4


To say I love Tom Ford and his work would be a lie. It’s much bigger than love, It’s a major obsession ! I am sure that a tiny crush for Tom is involved too. Okay, now that we have cleared that up, Tom Ford clothes are designed for the elegant,confident woman with edgy, clean lines that fit perfectly. Tom Fords designs are works of art that are designed to appeal to most women and definitely inspire me. Watch the video of the Spring/Summer 2014 and be inspired with me.

With Love
Candy Dylan

Tom Ford RTW Spring/Summer 2014