Palm Beach

Shoes in the Sand

Today, was an amazing day. I spent the morning at a local stables “Sunshine Meadows” in Delray Beach. The property is beautiful starting from the “Welcome Back” sign through the winding sand roads which takes you on a journey in what seems to be so far from the city of Boca Raton. The stables, which are tucked far back off the main road, are surrounded by some of the most gorgeous green trees, jumper rings, a race track and paddocks, is home to around six hundred horses and offer amazing facilities for both horse and owner as well as horse riding lessons.

Lindsay who is a seasoned equestrian and highly respected trainer was so kind enough to let me spend time and shoot this casual look with her horse Frankie, who was far from shy when it came to the picture taking and having some fun.

It was clear by the way that everyone interacted with each other at Sunshine Meadows that this was more like a family than fellow equestrians and I can`t thank everyone one enough for allowing me to sink my heels in to the sand :).

For this shoot I wanted a more rustic casual feel and chose destroyed jeans with a loose sleeveless T-shirt and paired it with a leather jacket and belt to finish the look.

I hope you all love this look as much as I do!

With Love
Candy Dylan

Fashion horse 3

Fashion horse 14

Fashion horse 16

Fashion horse 1 -1

Fashion horse 11

Fashion horse 9

Fashion horse 5-5

Fashion horse 15

Fashion horse 7-7

Fashion horse 13

The Over- all look !

I always have fun preparing and shooting these looks:) I have so much joy choosing the clothes and I love going through all the pictures and picking my favorites to share with you. I have so many great ideas to share in the future. Often times, I have these grand ideas that sometimes just don’t come out quite the way I had hoped.
I was really excited about today`s look from the start. I love finding different pieces and putting them together and choosing a perfect location so it all makes sense. It was a REALLY windy day so the balloons where all over the place ! I wasn’t sure how the pictures were going to turn out but the outcome was amazing. I am wearing one of the trendier pieces out right now, “The Overalls ” which are a skinny fit and destroyed (so unexpected of me ) I rolled up the bottoms to show off more of my heels and left one strap off the shoulder to show off my smiley face Tee. The colors of the location and the balloons really made it all come together to make the look really pop. Just another cool way to wear jeans !

With love,
Candy Dylan

Overall Balloon 17

Overall Balloon 12

Overall Balloon 11

Overall Balloon 10

Overall Balloon 3

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Love is in the Air

In preparation for Valentines day, I went shopping at local stores in Palm Beach to see if I could find any cute things to help celebrate
Valentines Day in a fun way. Once again, I was drawn to the lace. I’m wearing a light floral skirt,a see-through floral lace top along with a lace bandeau in mint green to put me in the flirty romantic mood.

With Love,
Candy Dylan

Skirt: Lush Button Front Skater
Bandeau : Lush Mint Green Lace
Lace Top: Love on a Hanger Crop

skater skirt 2

skater skirt 3

skater skirt 4

skater skirt 5

Blue me away

Wow I have been wearing a lot of blue lately. In this post I am wearing a plain blue skirt with a patterned blue crop top which I paired with a dark tan shoe.I am all kinds of crazy for patterns and the crop top really compliments the skirt so wonderfully.This is definitely one of my favorite looks and I hope we’ll see a lot more of crop tops and patterns alike.I cant stress enough how fabulous it is to be looking classic and fresh which is exactly how I feel – I just blue myself away!

With Love,
Candy Dylan

Crop Top: Lush
Skirt: Lily White
Clutch: Urban Expressions

 blue skirt 1

 blue skirt 2

 blue skirt 3

blue skirt 4

Ballet Slippers

I am passionate about dance, which could be expected since I come from a family of beautiful ballerina’s, and I love Victoria`s Secret. As you know I am extremely inspired by fashion and the incredible designers and their creations but at home I’m inspired by the strong women around me, so I thought what better way to acknowledge their achievements and did a shoot called Ballet Slippers (minus the ridiculous hard work, blood sweet and tears) combining ballet pumps with the most comfortable adorable VS Pink sweatpants. Karl Lagerfeld’s said <em>’Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life so you bought some sweatpants.‘
Mr.Lagerfeld rest assured its only once in a while.

With Love,
Candy Dylan

Pink sweat pants: Victoria Secret
Body Suit: American Apparel
Black Pumps: Similar @ Michael Kors
Points : Dance store (My Own)

 ballet slippers 1

ballet slippers 2

ballet slippers 3

ballet slippers 4

ballet slippers 5

Flirty Yellow

There is something so great about yellow. I feel so girly and flirty. I always get so many compliments in this dress which is always gratifying, isn’t it?. Sometimes we can all be spot on about an outfit we are wearing and know how fantastic it is and then there are other times when although you feel good, the thousand unexpected compliments that take you by surprise every time. It’s a fun feeling especially when you didn’t spend much time on it :)  Today was simple I’m wearing a short yellow dress with white mesh embroidered neck line paired with a scarf and sandals.

With Love,
Candy Dylan

Yellow Dress and Scarf: Forever21

yellow short 1  yellow short 2 yellow short 3 yellow short 4


Everywhere I went today strangers and friends alike commented on my outfit and the photographer followed me everywhere(hehe). I was beginning to understand the true meaning of the word Paparazzi.
In my previous post “How to 9-5″, I suggested ways to dress for work. This post is another great example of that for those of you that still need some inspiration. I have pieced together a patterned skirt with a solid white shirt and with a change of shoe can go from work to play in the same day. I can now wear this outfit to the office, go shopping, go on a date and smile for the cameras.Let me know if you found this look helpful.

With Love,
Candy Dylan.

Shirt: Michael Kors
Skirt: Bobeau Envelope Crepe Skirt
Sunglasses: Ralph Lauren

skirt 1 skirt 2   skirt 3 skirt 4 skirt 5 skirt 6