The Out Ride

Every now and then, it’s nice to have some fun with fashion! Today was one of those days. I found a Free People “Angel Lace dress” which is so beautiful and delicate and almost looks hand-woven. Along with the dress, I am wearing a Free People “Weave Away Fringed Crochet Hoodie” which, I really felt completed the look with my tan studded boots. It was a super sunny, very windy day with blue skies all around, so I spent the morning surrounded by beauty. This look inspired me to go back to the stables to hang out with Lindsay and Natalina. I am really grateful to Lindsay for her support and taking time out of her busy schedule to allow me to shoot this look with Natalina who looked truly amazing in her custom made crystal bridle, she is a true beauty and definitely loves her carrots. I would recommend wearing this dress to a festival, like Coachella, however it is extremely versatile and very soft, not only in its fabric but visually as well and can be worn as an everyday dress.

With Love,
Candy Dylan







Swanky Sweet Pea

There is nothing that I enjoy more than some “me time” while soaking in the tub. I feel like it really allows me to get away from the day to day rush , where there is nothing but peace and quiet, no interruptions no social media, it’s just me, myself and I. Okay maybe add some Coldplay,whose new album I’m loving by the way, surrounded by bubbles and candles and all the pretty girly stuff.Which leads me to today’s blog.
For as long as I can remember,I have always liked bath soaps, bubble baths and bath bombs. I love to collect my favorites and decorate my bathroom. I love to give them away as gifts and love using them on those must-have pamper evenings. You can pretty much buy bath bombs and bubble bath at any store but, if you really looking for a special treat, I would highly suggest my favorite, favorite store, Swanky Sweet Pea.
Not only are the ingredients insanely good for your skin and keep your skin silky smooth and not only do they happen to smell amazing but the greatest part of all is that they all happen to be shaped like my favorite desserts ! Considering that I have such a sweet tooth, I simply couldn’t imagine anything more delicious and yummy for the tub!

Let me tell you about Swanky Sweet Pea`s delicious desserts..There are so many yummy things to choose from…Sugar Whip scrubs, Ice cream soap bars, Cupcake bath bombs, Candy Apple bath bombs and Donuts! One of my favorites is the pink Candy Apple Bath Bomb whose candy smell really reminds me of the red candy apple I used to eat as a kid. The oils and salts in the bath bombs really make my skin feel silky smooth.

The cupcake bath bombs are so out of this world and they are so cute and colorful and smell like the real thing and the best thing about them is that I get to enjoy the yumminess, moisturize and care for my skin and rid my body of toxins without calories.
Go check them out at www.swankysweetpea.com.

With Love,
Candy Dylan








It’s always nice to get dressed up, and one of my favorite things to turn to is a Little Black Dress. I’m always on the look-out because I don’t think a girl can EVER have enough! (And We all know how I love to change it up ).There are so many different styles of the LBD,one to suit your every mood, for example, the Nasty Gal Slip Away Dress which is casually cool and soft or the Nasty Gal Alter Midi Dress, which is sleek chic and sexy.

The dress I am wearing today is a cotton stretch dress that has a thick waisted belt with a slight gold detail. It’s sleeveless and perfect for the hot summer months I was going for more of a classic look today which I do fancy once in awhile and to my surprise, It was quite the head-turner. I kept this dress simple because it was quite hot and I was going to be outdoors for a lot of the evening but to style this dress differently, I would easily replace the thick belt with a thinner and looser belt, add a floppy, casual hat and instead of a heel, wear flats.. and could even go as far as adding a floral Kimono which is really trending right now.

I hope you are all enjoy the spring as much as I am.

With Love,
Candy Dylan

Little black dress 6

Little black dress 5

Little black dress 4

Little black dress 3

Little black dress 2


A Few Of My Favorite Things

Winter definitely  brings out the cozy side in all of us, doesn’t it ? Whether we like the cold or not, we all seem to embrace it while it’s here. There is something romantic and comforting being bundled up in front of a warm fire and sipping hot chocolate with marshmallows. So I’ve decided to share my top five Winter favs with you … What are yours?

1. Hot chocolate -Swiss Miss

Heart Hot chocolate

2. Leg warmers – Three Bird Nest

White Leg warmers

3. Lip balm- Nivea

Lip Butter- Nivea

4. Beret- Anthropologie

Beret - atthopologie

5.  Perfume- Marc Jacobs “Daisy”









Love Pink

Taking a walk on the beach is one of my favorite things to do and living so close to the beach I can do this often. The smell of the ocean, the sound of the waves- It’s all so peaceful and really relaxing and I love it! It’s quite a windy day so I am wearing a beret, shorts and a Victoria Secret Pink top. I hope you are all having a great day :O)

With Love,
Candy Dylan

White Shorts and Pink Sweater: Victoria Secret
Beret: Forever21

beach sweater 1 src=

beach sweater 2

beach sweater 3

 beach sweater 4

beach sweater 5

beach sweater 6

beach sweater 7

beach sweater 8