Dress for Work


It’s always nice to get dressed up, and one of my favorite things to turn to is a Little Black Dress. I’m always on the look-out because I don’t think a girl can EVER have enough! (And We all know how I love to change it up ).There are so many different styles of the LBD,one to suit your every mood, for example, the Nasty Gal Slip Away Dress which is casually cool and soft or the Nasty Gal Alter Midi Dress, which is sleek chic and sexy.

The dress I am wearing today is a cotton stretch dress that has a thick waisted belt with a slight gold detail. It’s sleeveless and perfect for the hot summer months I was going for more of a classic look today which I do fancy once in awhile and to my surprise, It was quite the head-turner. I kept this dress simple because it was quite hot and I was going to be outdoors for a lot of the evening but to style this dress differently, I would easily replace the thick belt with a thinner and looser belt, add a floppy, casual hat and instead of a heel, wear flats.. and could even go as far as adding a floral Kimono which is really trending right now.

I hope you are all enjoy the spring as much as I am.

With Love,
Candy Dylan

Little black dress 6

Little black dress 5

Little black dress 4

Little black dress 3

Little black dress 2



Everywhere I went today strangers and friends alike commented on my outfit and the photographer followed me everywhere(hehe). I was beginning to understand the true meaning of the word Paparazzi.
In my previous post “How to 9-5″, I suggested ways to dress for work. This post is another great example of that for those of you that still need some inspiration. I have pieced together a patterned skirt with a solid white shirt and with a change of shoe can go from work to play in the same day. I can now wear this outfit to the office, go shopping, go on a date and smile for the cameras.Let me know if you found this look helpful.

With Love,
Candy Dylan.

Shirt: Michael Kors
Skirt: Bobeau Envelope Crepe Skirt
Sunglasses: Ralph Lauren

skirt 1 skirt 2   skirt 3 skirt 4 skirt 5 skirt 6