Everywhere I went today strangers and friends alike commented on my outfit and the photographer followed me everywhere(hehe). I was beginning to understand the true meaning of the word Paparazzi.
In my previous post “How to 9-5″, I suggested ways to dress for work. This post is another great example of that for those of you that still need some inspiration. I have pieced together a patterned skirt with a solid white shirt and with a change of shoe can go from work to play in the same day. I can now wear this outfit to the office, go shopping, go on a date and smile for the cameras.Let me know if you found this look helpful.

With Love,
Candy Dylan.

Shirt: Michael Kors
Skirt: Bobeau Envelope Crepe Skirt
Sunglasses: Ralph Lauren

skirt 1 skirt 2   skirt 3 skirt 4 skirt 5 skirt 6