The Over- all look !

I always have fun preparing and shooting these looks:) I have so much joy choosing the clothes and I love going through all the pictures and picking my favorites to share with you. I have so many great ideas to share in the future. Often times, I have these grand ideas that sometimes just don’t come out quite the way I had hoped.
I was really excited about today`s look from the start. I love finding different pieces and putting them together and choosing a perfect location so it all makes sense. It was a REALLY windy day so the balloons where all over the place ! I wasn’t sure how the pictures were going to turn out but the outcome was amazing. I am wearing one of the trendier pieces out right now, “The Overalls ” which are a skinny fit and destroyed (so unexpected of me ) I rolled up the bottoms to show off more of my heels and left one strap off the shoulder to show off my smiley face Tee. The colors of the location and the balloons really made it all come together to make the look really pop. Just another cool way to wear jeans !

With love,
Candy Dylan

Overall Balloon 17

Overall Balloon 12

Overall Balloon 11

Overall Balloon 10

Overall Balloon 3

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5 thoughts on “The Over- all look !

  1. Twenty4carat says:

    This is one of my favorite looks- thanks for always being such an inspiration xo

  2. Twenty4carat, Thanks for all your support and advice

  3. Hi Twenty4carat, keep watching for new blog posts:)

  4. Angela says:

    You always look gorgeous!!! Tons of love xxxx

  5. Angela, Thank you so much ! really appreciate the support xoxo

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