Beyonce On the Run

It’s hard to imagine what perfection can come from the two people who largely influence the music we listen to today, and within different genres.
Yet that’s exactly what Jay Z and Beyonce have done over and over again and there are no signs of them slowing down anytime soon. Both were “On the Run,” last night as they kicked off their long anticipated tour.
While Miami weather threatened thunderstorms over the Sun Life stadium fans poured in to experience one of the world’s greatest poets of our time alongside his other half, whose vocals are arguably the greatest in the business and world today. Together, their performance complemented each other and without question, proved why they are the artists they are and that they are as strong together as they are apart.

Beyonce wore an unbelievable wardrobe that were truly a dream for anyone that breathes for fashion. Some of the stand-outs were designs by Diesel and Atelier Versace.

With love,
Candy Dylan

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Jay-Z and Beyonce perform on stage together during the first stop of the On the Run Tour, Miami

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