Karl Lagerfeld Supermarket Chic

Karl Lagerfeld making supermarkets chic at this year’s Chanel Fall 2014/15 at Paris Fashion Week. Leaving nothing to the imagination the collection is mixed with an array of sophistication that is simply Chanel !  Lagerfeld made use of every color palette possible with the supermarket being the premise that this collection is versatile and for every day. It’s a very cool collection, one with no rules or boundaries and somehow is pure perfection without stepping a foot out of the Chanel mold. Here are a few of my favorites from the collection along with a behind the scenes interview with, hands down, the most iconic visionary designer, Karl Lagerfeld.

Hope you enjoy as much I do! :)

With Love,
Candy Dylan


Chanel-Fall-2014 2

Chanel-Fall-2014 3


Chanel-Fall-2014 1