Beyonce On the Run

It’s hard to imagine what perfection can come from the two people who largely influence the music we listen to today, and within different genres.
Yet that’s exactly what Jay Z and Beyonce have done over and over again and there are no signs of them slowing down anytime soon. Both were “On the Run,” last night as they kicked off their long anticipated tour.
While Miami weather threatened thunderstorms over the Sun Life stadium fans poured in to experience one of the world’s greatest poets of our time alongside his other half, whose vocals are arguably the greatest in the business and world today. Together, their performance complemented each other and without question, proved why they are the artists they are and that they are as strong together as they are apart.

Beyonce wore an unbelievable wardrobe that were truly a dream for anyone that breathes for fashion. Some of the stand-outs were designs by Diesel and Atelier Versace.

With love,
Candy Dylan

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Jay-Z and Beyonce perform on stage together during the first stop of the On the Run Tour, Miami

Pony Up

We are all constantly trying to find new ways to style our hair. We either cut it or we grow it, have bangs or layers, even color it to make a change but there are also so many other ways to style hair without being so drastic. You can curl it, straighten it, braid it or even put it up in a messy bun or tie back in a ponytail

This season we’ve been given a great new take on the ponytail right off the runway. “The Tiered Pony” is so classic and being seen on the likes of Blake lively and Heidi Klum and can take you from day to night. It’s very classic but can be edgy too. This was not the only ponytail that that got our attention – At the Chanel show in Paris, all the models had a very low maintenance chic pony with a variety of ribbons in between their hair.

It really takes just a few minutes (less time than heating up the curling iron) to do. All you need is a few hair ties, a hair brush, moose or hair spray and you will be on your way less in 20 min :)

Sometimes I forget all the fun things that I can do with my hair so I’m going to make an effort to change things up and be more daring. I encourage you to do the same.

With Love,
Candy Dylan

Chanel Ponytail

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Making the Cut

It seems that everywhere I turn, there are lots of girls with some sort of short hair look. It’s so daring and I’m jealous of anyone that can pull it off. I on the other hand would rather hide under my sheets at the thought. I admit that I have considered it from time to time, when I get really ballsy, which honestly only lasts as long as it takes to get the scissors out. I actually wouldn’t know what to do without my long locks and the thought of losing them is quite frankly, devastating.

It seems that everywhere I turn, there are tons of girls experimenting with some sort of short hair look. It’s so daring and I’m jealous of anyone that can pull it off. I on the other hand would rather hide under my sheets at the thought. I admit that I have considered it from time to time, when I get really ballsy, which honestly only lasts as long as it takes to get the scissors out. I actually wouldn’t know what to do without my long locks and the thought of losing them is quite frankly, devastating.

However if you are one of those fearless girls or want to change styles, there are so many great looks to choose from – and the best part is that the short hair styles are great for all face shapes!
I have included some that I think are truly amazing. The first to chop her locks was Karlie Kloss and you may recall how upset Victoria Secret fans were over her new sexy do. Jennifer Aniston who is the only actress that has women just as interested in her hair as her movies and always looks flawless, no matter what. Giuliana Rancic then chopped off her long locks after her becoming a mom and she looks elegant and chic. And, then there is Jennifer Lawrence, who looked unbelievably gorgeous and classic at the Oscars with her short look. Beyonce introduced her sexy short cut while opening at the Grammys.

Sure one of these will work for you ;)

With love,
Candy Dylan

karli kloss hair


jennisfer aniston



Karl Lagerfeld Supermarket Chic

Karl Lagerfeld making supermarkets chic at this year’s Chanel Fall 2014/15 at Paris Fashion Week. Leaving nothing to the imagination the collection is mixed with an array of sophistication that is simply Chanel !  Lagerfeld made use of every color palette possible with the supermarket being the premise that this collection is versatile and for every day. It’s a very cool collection, one with no rules or boundaries and somehow is pure perfection without stepping a foot out of the Chanel mold. Here are a few of my favorites from the collection along with a behind the scenes interview with, hands down, the most iconic visionary designer, Karl Lagerfeld.

Hope you enjoy as much I do! :)

With Love,
Candy Dylan


Chanel-Fall-2014 2

Chanel-Fall-2014 3


Chanel-Fall-2014 1

SJP Collection

Sarah Jessica Parker, famously known for her role as Carrie in “Sex and the City” has cultivated the fashion industry with her outrageous fashion style both on and off screen, and inspired fashion lovers around the world.
Sarah announced that she has come out with her own shoe line in collaboration with Manolo Blahnik`s CEO Goeorge Malkemus III, and simply named the collection “SJP “Like Jessica the collection, which includes 25 styles, is versatile and ranges from flats to heels- something for everyone – and are adventurous outgoing and feminine , all wonderful creations if you ask me !
The shoes which are made in Italy will range between $100 and $400 and are sold exclusively at Nordstrom`s. As always I have posted 3 styles for your viewing pleasure:)

With Love,
Candy Dylan




The Turban

I’m so into this look right now. To think that the turban is a part of everyday fashion.. Although most people are familiar with the turban being most relatable to the Asian cultures it’s also a big part of the African culture. As inspired in the pictures below  three of which Karl Lagerfeld was Creative Director will be  featured in the March 2014 Harpers Bazaar Magazine UK. Not sure if these great pictures will make it over and onto our American pages.. I’m pretty sure you can pick up a copy at your local book store or you can also visit Harpers Bazaar

With Love,
Candy Dylan

harpers-bazaar-uk-march-2014-15 tURBAN


A Few Of My Favorite Things

Winter definitely  brings out the cozy side in all of us, doesn’t it ? Whether we like the cold or not, we all seem to embrace it while it’s here. There is something romantic and comforting being bundled up in front of a warm fire and sipping hot chocolate with marshmallows. So I’ve decided to share my top five Winter favs with you … What are yours?

1. Hot chocolate -Swiss Miss

Heart Hot chocolate

2. Leg warmers – Three Bird Nest

White Leg warmers

3. Lip balm- Nivea

Lip Butter- Nivea

4. Beret- Anthropologie

Beret - atthopologie

5.  Perfume- Marc Jacobs “Daisy”









A Taste of Orange

You all know how crazy I am for red lips but I have caught onto a new and exhilarating craze – the orange lip ! Yay ! just in time for my beloved spring/summer. I really think orange on any skin tone is absolutely, unstoppably Gorg. It make my eyes pop and makes my skin look silky and fresh faced! Its yummy,I love it! Join in the fun and as always, here are a few brands from Tom Ford, YSL Bobbie Brown, NARS and Maybelline.

With Love,
Candy Dylan

Tom Ford
Tom Ford


Bobbi Brown
bobbi brown atomic orange lipstick

super braid

Orange lips

Orange Lip Color



To say I love Tom Ford and his work would be a lie. It’s much bigger than love, It’s a major obsession ! I am sure that a tiny crush for Tom is involved too. Okay, now that we have cleared that up, Tom Ford clothes are designed for the elegant,confident woman with edgy, clean lines that fit perfectly. Tom Fords designs are works of art that are designed to appeal to most women and definitely inspire me. Watch the video of the Spring/Summer 2014 and be inspired with me.

With Love
Candy Dylan

Tom Ford RTW Spring/Summer 2014